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Five tips to REALLY Connect with your members


It’s fair to say that new fitness rockstars have been born over recent months: the instructors and trainers, employed by gyms and studios around the world, who have produced some excellent online content during lockdown and who have, in the process, reminded us just how good they are.

This in-house talent has propelled “live streaming” into our everyday vernacular, to the point that the online element of a hybrid model will now need to include three content prongs: professionally produced live streaming of operators’ top stars; amateur live streaming by local instructors; and a large on-demand library to guarantee strength in depth – the multiple class options needed in every class type and every length.

That’s why Wexer has evolved its white label Web Player product – its ‘any time, anywhere, any internet-enabled device’ fitness platform.

Now – alongside the hundreds of on-demand, music licence-free classes from global content providers that have always been available – every Web Player customer also has access to Connect, at no extra cost.

What Connect does is effectively hand operators their own TV channel. It’s a platform through which clubs can share whatever content they choose – classes, workshops or seminars; live streamed, pre-filmed and scheduled or on-demand – all tailored specifically to the needs of their member base.

But just having Connect won’t immediately make members engage. As with all new launches, operators will play a key role in driving uptake.

We’ve put together the following five tips to help Web Player customers get the most out of Connect.


 #1: Create great trailers

It’s important to ‘sell’ your content to members and end users. Create eye-catching thumbnails and trailers that leave people wanting more.


#2: Promote your content

You can’t expect people to engage with content if they don’t know it’s there!


#3: Think inside the box

Make content exclusive to Connect; if you share it through social media too, it limits your ability to monetise it.


#4: One-click signposting

Include a direct link whenever you promote a specific class or workshop and people will be able to jump straight to it in one simple click – provided they’re allowed past your paywall.


#5: Make it ‘sticky’

People only do an online class twice before looking for something new, so make sure you have a strategy in place to keep Connect updated with fresh new content. It’s all about making Connect – and with it, your brand – as ‘sticky’ as possible, giving members every reason to keep coming back.


To find out more about Web Player Connect, or for more advice on how to maximise its impact, please contact us at info@wexer.com



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