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In the world of digital ecosystems, 1 + 1 can sometimes = 5

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4 August 2020

Forgive us if we start with a quick scan over some of our most popular products. We promise it’s worth doing this to set the scene.

There’s Wexer Virtual – our on-site solution designed for big screens in GX studios – that offers over 1,500 virtual group classes curated from 60+ content partners. It brings the world’s top instructors direct to group exercise studios, 24/7, on-demand or scheduled.

Then there’s our mobile portfolio, which spans three key products: a white label app; an SDK solution, which allows key content from the Wexer App to be integrated into operators’ own apps; and the Wexer Web Player – a white label, password-protected portal that can be accessed through any internet-enabled device for on-demand group exercise any time, anywhere.

All products are designed to enhance the member experience. All are market-leading in their technology and their content, even as standalone solutions. But it’s when they are brought together into digital ecosystems that they become more powerful still – and never more so than now, when so many more people are opting to train from home to complement their in-club workouts.

Whether it’s existing club members, used to Virtual classes, who would now welcome the chance to train from home – especially if it’s all packaged up in one consistent, recognisable member journey – or new joiners who started at home and are now open to coming to the club, provided the experience they receive there feels familiar, an ecosystem magnifies the power of each individual element.

This is when 1 + 1 can actually = 5.


Building an ecosystem

Let’s take Wexer Virtual + Wexer Web Player as a great example. Invest in both of these and all of a sudden, your in-club and out-of-club experiences are dovetailed and brought together under one brand – that of your health club operation – in a way that’s instantly recognisable to your customers.

Members can now enjoy the same classes in-club and at home: their favourite workout is now an option wherever they are and whenever they want to train. It’s a highly customer-centric way of operating, all about end user convenience, variety and flexibility.

Meanwhile new members, used to working out at home – and possibly intimidated by a GX studio full of regulars – get to try out Virtual as a first in-club step towards live class participation. It’s a welcome chance to do a workout they’re already familiar with, thanks to the Web Player, in the club environment. Confidence builds one step at a time, from home to in-club Virtual to in-club live.

For the operator, both Virtual and Web Player allow you to monitor the data to understand members’ usage patterns. In turn, this can shape everything from in-club studio schedules (live and virtual), to the way you personalise and market the digital experience, to the on-demand content you create yourselves and upload into the new Connect section of the Web Player. You now have an invaluable 24/7 overview – insights and understanding of your members’ fitness interests and behaviours at any given hour and on any given day. In turn, you are far better equipped to meet their specific needs and market your services in a personalised and highly relevant way.

This is the power of an ecosystem, and why Wexer Virtual and our On-Demand mobile services go hand-in-hand.

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AuthorRoss Payne