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Harness the power of your rockstars – go live!


Live streaming of group exercise classes is creating a real buzz across the sector, both for the end consumer – it’s a fantastic way to add excitement to classes in those shoulder periods, just outside of peak times, when you still want to offer them a little more – and for operators who, quite rightly, have identified a strong opportunity to maximise the reach and retention-boosting influence of their best instructors.

But it can be very expensive to set up and run a production studio that creates class footage of high enough quality to engage exercisers.

This is why Wexer has partnered with live streaming specialist Fortë to bring a new, cost-effective live streaming solution to market.

Wexer Broadcast powered by Fortë has been designed to make high quality live streaming accessible to smaller operators who may not be able to afford to set up their own production studios.

Ideal for mid-sized chains – operators who could gain significant value from live streaming superstar instructors’ classes across the rest of their estate – the new product offers a turnkey solution to make a studio ‘streaming-ready’.

A minimum of three cameras provide different angles on the action for dynamic, engaging content. In-depth instructor training and specialist choreography is also provided to ensure the best possible results on-screen.

Operators need only set up one studio for recording and streaming, as Wexer and Fortë’s software and hardware fully integrate to live stream to any club or studio in the estate that has a Wexer Player.

The Wexer-Fortë integration also means that – in addition to live streaming popular classes across an estate, or even to other studios within a club – the best classes can also be saved into an on-demand, pre-recorded library, effectively turning the operator into a virtual class content provider.

It’s the perfect way to harness the crowd-pleasing power of superstar instructors and celebrity partners and maximise their impact across the business.

Share the excitement in real time. Live stream your classes!

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