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When it comes to the provision of digital fitness content, strength in depth is key. That’s particularly true when members are working out on their own, away from the club, but even in-club you need a steady stream of fresh new content in every genre and every class length to keep your members motivated.

We all instinctively know this to be true, but there’s data to support this statement too: on average, people do the same online class just twice before they look for something new. In-club, they’ll do the same virtual class eight times before they move on.

But why wait until your members reach workout #2 at home or workout #8 in-club? Why not exceed expectations and drive motivation sky-high by providing them with new workout options every day?

This is our thinking at Wexer, where we’re inspired by end users’ constant appetite for fresh new fitspiration.

It’s why we have a dedicated content team, whose job it is to ensure our already huge on-demand library is continually refreshed and updated with fantastic new content.

It’s also why we launched our new Channels feature, already available on our ‘any time, anywhere, any connected device’ Web Player and due to roll out to the in-club Wexer Virtual platform too.

Channels hands leading fitness influencers their own channel on our platform, onto which they can upload as much new content as they wish – the incentive to do so frequently being that those with the freshest content are spotlighted on our home page.

Here’s a quick overview of just some of the exciting new content we’ve launched on our platform this year.



CYBEROBICS consistently ranks among the top five most viewed content providers on the Wexer platform, which made CYBEROBICS Live an obvious choice as one of our first Channel launches.

Available now to all Web Player users, CYBEROBICS Live sees 17 brand new CYBEROBICS workouts uploaded to our platform every week.

That breaks down to three or four workouts each and every weekday from Monday to Friday – each of which stays live on our platform for seven days – all led by some of the world’s foremost fitness instructors and influencers.

Find out more about the weekly schedule here.


Daily Burn

If you’ve been looking for your Daily Burn fix, look no further than Wexer. Our partnership with this powerhouse content provider means its world-class programmes – from classics such as Black Fire and Inferno to Daily Burn 365 workouts of the day – are now available on both the in-club Wexer Virtual platform and the ‘any time, anywhere, any connected device’ Wexer Web Player.

In turn, this means Daily Burn fans can now take part in their favourite workouts both in- and out-of-club, as well as enjoying the hundreds of other classes already available through the Wexer on-demand library.

Find out more here.


Lean After 30

Created by fitness influencer Alex Allan in response to his own loss of ‘me time’ – and with it his workout motivation – Lean After 30 is perfect for those who have limited time on their hands but who are still looking to get into shape, at home, using minimal equipment.

“I created LA30 as a method of simple eating and short training sessions that I could squeeze into the busiest of lifestyles, while maximising results and satisfaction,” Allan explains.

“In the first 14 weeks, I dropped 22lbs, built back my abs and got lean and fit. I’ve now lost 40lbs, am maintaining the weight loss with zero cravings, and at 45 years old the fire inside is back and burning strong.”

LA30 is live on the Web Player now. Find out more here.



Inspiring self-belief through the power of boxing is the brand ethos driving the BOXX team, who ensure their online content packs as much of a punch as their sell-out classes in their east London studio: boxing inspired, beat banging, good vibes only

Recently released onto Wexer Virtual and the Web Player is some fantastic new content that’s sure to reinforce BOXX’s position as a firm favourite on our platform.

Still very much in line with the BOXX mission – making boxing accessible to everyone, focusing on mindset as well as movement – the 10 new classes are perfect for workouts wherever you are: circuit-led, short format, requiring minimal to no equipment and designed to be super-easy to follow at your own pace.

And of course, all of this is in addition to our weekly class collections and continual updates from our world-beating line-up of global content partners.


To find out more about our latest and greatest content get in touch at info@wexer.com



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