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Mobile app fitness content. Which of our cherries would you like to pick?


Content, as we’re hearing so often at the moment, is king.

That’s never been more evident than over recent months, when home-bound consumers turned en masse to online fitness and gyms, studios and influencers around the world raced to meet that demand via a rush of live and on-demand online classes.

With most clubs since re-opened, precious instructor time is now being taken up with the in-person experience. So, how will you continue to cost-effectively provide online fitness, filling your app with fresh new content to keep members engaged even as staff time is drawn away from creating this content?

We have a very simple solution for you courtesy of Wexer’s Software Development Kit (SDK) – a piece of code we’ve developed which, in a nutshell, allows the virtual fitness content from our Wexer Mobile app to be integrated into your own club app. All it takes is for your tech team to write a corresponding piece of code, so our apps can ‘talk’ to each other, and our content can flow across into yours.

Even better, this solution allows for high levels of bespoking: you get to pick and choose exactly which content you want to bring in from our app.

For example, you might want to pull in specific class collections: a style of exercise your members love in the club, perhaps, so you want to make sure they’re spoilt for choice out of the club too, or maybe a discipline where you don’t have as much in-house expertise. Whichever class collections you want, we’ll send them over.

Maybe you’re drawn to a particular content provider – say Zumba or CYBEROBICS – and just want to share these classes with your members? Again, we can sort that for you.

What if you run a yoga or pilates studio, or perhaps a cycling studio, and want to create a very focused in-app offering? Easy: you can choose to import only our mind-body content, or only our (hundreds of) virtual cycling classes. Just the content you want, and nothing more.

It doesn’t have to be about specific collections or disciplines either. If the important thing for you is simply avoiding the headache of music licensing – something that can come back to bite you if your classes are streamed outside of the club environment – we can send only music licence-free content across to your app. We have 600+ such classes, so your members will have plenty of workout inspiration at their fingertips.

You might even choose to just import our Workout of the Day – a way to have fresh content on your app every single day, encouraging your members to try something new but without putting any pressure on your instructors.

Ultimately, whatever content you want to import, we can do that for you. We do all the liaison with content providers, negotiating the contracts and keeping the class selection re-stocked and refreshed. We manage all the behind-the-scenes content management.

You just pick and choose the workouts you want to share with your members.

And that’s it. It’s content provision made really, really simple.

To find out more, please contact us at info@wexer.com



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