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Now Wexer is making everyone a premium customer


Our mission at Wexer is to make world-class exercise accessible to everyone by harnessing the power of technology.

‘World-class’ is key here. We partner with the leading content providers from around the world to ensure our class library offers strength in depth: our 1,000+ classes encompass all your members’ favourites from over 20 content partners, from Zumba to Beachbody and its Insanity workout; My Yoga Works to the Boxx; Piloxing to Sufferfest’s cycling workouts.

Up until now, though, any customers wanting to access the incredible line-up of CYBEROBICS classes had to sign up for a premium package with Wexer.

We were keen to change this: if we want to achieve our mission, we need to do everything we can to bring ‘world-class’ closer to ‘everyone’ – and that means ensuring everyone has access to every single inspirational class on our platform.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that in the coming months, all CYBEROBICS classes on the Wexer platform are now available to each and every Wexer customer at no additional charge.

If you haven’t yet tried CYBEROBICS for yourself, be prepared to be blown away: these truly are no-expense-spared works of art.

For every new class, the workout concept is created by sports scientists, while scouts in the United States look for the perfect, jaw-dropping location and hold extensive trainer casting sessions. Production then uses a team and equipment worthy of Hollywood, filming in 4K quality and with multiple cameras to capture the action from all angles.

Perfectly tailored soundtracks are then recorded for each workout, as well as voiceovers – currently in five different languages. Classes are updated regularly, but more than 30 different classes are already available to Wexer customers in each language: English, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

Whatever type of class you want – cardio or conditioning, cycling or mind-body – it’s fair to say that CYBEROBICS has it covered in style. Get ready to experience tai chi, core, bootcamp, HIIT, cycle, hip hop dance, yoga, kettlebells, stretch, jazz dance and far more… all as you’ve never experienced them before.

For more information please get in touch at info@wexer.com






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